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Brit does a good job 👌

chrysanthecum said: Can people with widows peaks have bangs???

Yep! It’s just going to require styling everyday


Check out this fun colored hair I did using #pravana & I sewed in some extensions 😍

wemakeourownfate said: (2) Brings me to my question I'd like to ask you, do you have any tips on going from an unnatural light auburn color to a dark purple? If you don't have time to answer this I understand, but thank you anyway!

If it’s the pravana you were talking about it you’re going to need to bleach your hair (which won’t be too bad cause you’re light already) and then use pravana and you’ll have the perfect purple!

wemakeourownfate said: Thank you so much for running this blog, whenever I see your posts I learn so much about beauty in general, and because of this blog I'll probably try out one of pravana's purple colors because I've wanted to go purple for a long time, which (1)

Awww I’m so glad!

Anonymous said: So I did a bleach wash then bleached my roots and dyed the underneath section purple by ion colour brilliance brights and it turned a greyish color in most spots and bright bright purple in others and the tips didn't even take the color, I'm so confused why it didn't work I bleached it prior and it went weird :/ do you have any idea?

It didn’t work because it was ion brand :/


Sad/ mad/ pissed / annoyed cause after literally more than 5 hours of WORK this girl wants me to cut out the extensions I SEWED AND COLORED INTO HER FUCKING HEAD FOR FREE 
I repeat FREE 
because she can’t wear her hair in a bun

#ombre #pravana I did hair literally all day

#ombre 😍😍

#ombre I did 😍😍😍

Fusion extensions!!

Anonymous said: So I bleached and dyed my hair blue last night. The roots and the tips are vibrant, but the middle section is a mix of dark green and brown. My hair still feels pretty good after the first bleach so I'm not worried about it getting too fried if I bleach again. I don't have the cash to go to a salon either. Would the bleach even work after dying blue over the brown? I don't care if the hair doesn't get to super bright blonde, I just want it to look a little more even all over. Thanks!

I would bleach the dark sections again, REALLY watch it though. You don’t want it to get brighter than the rest.