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Current shower gel (and a buttercream) stash.

Made @12oz_mouse a fire hot red head, I used Clairol excellence hi lift red as a base and then went over it again with #pravana red.

urnothip said: I used to bleach my hair WHITR at home and damage it horribly, then i decided it was time to get it healthy. I died it brown a few years ago and then stopped dying it completely and now I have all my own untouched hair from root to tip that I cut often to keep it healthy. It's pretty long and I love that, and I'd love to go lighter with some highlights now but my hair is naturally thin and I'm scared of having it damaged and breaking like it did when I bleached it. What do you suggest?

If you go to a salon to get them done you’ll be good to go :) salons have products that are specifically made to lighten thin hair, quickly repair damage from bleach and control the PH of the hair which controls breakage!


Loving my #lush face scrub #herbalism it smells amazing and left my skin feeling so silky smooth! Such a great exfoliant

Hello friends!!!

I’m writing this post because I have recently been sent this Aveeno product by the lovely people at Influenster to test out. Please note that this is more of a first impression review, and I’ll be posting an update in about two weeks.

My skin is pretty even toned, buy I do have redness on my cheeks and around my nose, as well as a few broken capillaries in my chin, and awful purple bags under my eyes. I can usually cover them with makeup, but since it’s summer i’m always looking for new ways to get away with wearing little to no makeup so my skin can breathe.

When I first tried this, I applied it after I had washed my face and before moisturizing, as the directions suggest. I left about five minutes between the tone corrector and my moisturizer to allow the product to sink in.

My skin felt smooth and soft to the touch, albeit tone correctors and brighteners make me feel greasy (I’ve use multiple before) but this one wasn’t too bad, and I would definitely recommend using it at night if your skin is oily. For me personally, my skin was exacerbated by the heat since the air conditioner is broken where I live and it’s been really hot out the last few days.

Since most of my uneven-ness is in my t-zone, I don’t think concentrating it to just those parts would help much, but it was worth a shot and I did notice a tiny difference in my discoloration on first use.

overall, I think this is a good product for anyone who has normal to dry skin that is uneven and appears a little dull.


Bought out my Sally’s full stock of Rose again, but the Mint colour is soooo pretty, I want to put a streak of it in my hair asdfhjk.


Great ombré!

petiteelfqueen said: hey! i'd really like to cut my hair short into a more androgynous style. the problem is, my hair can get very frizzy and poofy, and with short hair that would get pretty wild. here's the difficult part-- i'm physically disabled and can't use a straightener or hair-dryer on my own. any suggestions?

I’m gonna give it to you straight girlfriend, if you want to wear it straight it probably won’t be possible for you. However, if you’re willing to pay you can get a straightening treatment done (150$-300$) that’ll keep your hair straight for about 6 months

Anonymous said: I have 2 platinum streaks in my naturally black hair. I would like to change to a black\Brown ombre look. How should I do it? All over color, and then bleach the ends?

You want a solid even base, so color you’re hair all one color first!

vitruvianmancandy said: I figured you would like to know this, apparently if other dandruff and dry scalp medicated shampoos don't work T/Gel by Neutrogena works very well and I could visibly see a difference after the first use. It's pretty strong stuff, but it seems to have worked for my scalp issues.


Good to know! I’ll post this onto my hair blog


And lastly, ran into the lead singer of cute is what we aim for, we was totally awesome and just sitting and talking with fans.

Hey guys this is me, I mentioned how my hair looked at warped tour yesterday, literally my hair lasted through 12 hours of sweat, heat, and jumping around and getting pushed around by crowds. This picture was taken right before I went home! I used redken wax blast and bigsexyhair spray and play

harry-and-ginny-potter said: Okso I have very straight hair in a side part on the left. It's very fine, but there's alot of it. Now on the right side of my head the very front lock of hair falls away and seperates from the rest. I have tried hairspraying it back, but nothing works. I can't find ANYTHING on the web and I literally don't know what to do. My hair isn't oily and I wash it every other day. The rest of my hair doesn't seperate only this front strand. HELP PLEASE!!!!

Mousse! I’m also a fan of redken creames (actually all redken products) personally I use redken 10, it helps me keep my stray hairs down and style my side hair to a little elf point. Also I use redken wax blast, I used it yesterday at warped tour and I kid you not my hair looked almost exactly the same when I came home 12 hours later. You are probably going to benefit from products you put in your hair while it’s wet though.